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Amaro Averna 1,5 Litri

Amaro Averna 1,5 Litri
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The Italian taste

In the second half of the 800 Brother Jerome Capuchin monk of the Abbey Santo Spirito in  Caltanissetta, gave to Salvatore Averna, to repay a favor, the recipe of a digestive liqueur. At that moment, neither of them could have imagined that the recipe would become known and famous all over the world. For the past 140 years, it’s a guarded secret between the generations and the only thing we know is that it’s a mixture of herbs, roots and spices from Caltanissetta itself and from other parts of the world. Amaro Averna today is distributed in 50 countries in the world and among the most appreciated Amaro in Italy, a true Italian, genuine and sincere taste.

The color remembers coffee, clear and bright. It reveals an elegant bouquet of aromas ranging from the typical Mediterranean scents of the scrub with honey, thyme and oregano, along citrus orange tarot sensations. The taste is soft with a rich taste, mellow and creamy, with spicy and licorice root notes, to a clean and dry finish with a long bitter trail.


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