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Amaro D'Abruzzo Jannamico 70cl

Amaro D'Abruzzo Jannamico 70cl
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Special Price £13.91

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Free delivery on orders over £150.00
For orders under the value of £150 the shipping cost is £15.00

Not only for the after dinner 

The recipe for this prestigious amaro born between the beautiful hills of Abruzzo in 1888 and more precisely in Villa Santa Maria, by Cav. Francesco Iannamico handed down from generation to generation, because before being a company, Iannamico Liquors is primarily a family. Still prepared with the care and dedication of a time, this bitter is rich in taste and smell nuances and is suited to numerous occasions, excellent as a dessert and on ice cream. With the addition of hot water it turns into a pleasant punch with lemon rind and soda, it becomes a powerful thirst quencher.

Rich and viscous brown in color. The nose reveals a blending of herbs, tamarind and rhubarb, with wild herbs and orange tarot hints. The taste is strong but attractive, very fascinating, full-bodied and enveloping, rightly consistent in the bitterness to a long tamarind persistence.

A curiosity: between 1890 and 1900 this amaro received 18 honors at international competitions.





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