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Aperitivo Biancosarti 1Litro

Aperitivo Biancosarti 1Litro
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Special Price £16.76

Regular Price: £20.94

Free delivery on orders over £150.00
For orders under the value of £150 the shipping cost is £15.00

The mascot of the bars


Defined by all who knows it a "vigorous drink", because of its alcohol content (28°). Biancosarti is an ever green Italian aperitif of the '70s, the star of a major advertising campaign that also saw the participation of celebrities such as Giorgio Gaber who played various carousels. Sweet, clear and bright color, the Biancosarti derives from a secret blend that combines the aroma of herbs and flowers with notes of roots, barks and spices, obtaining an intense character. Its main market is Italy, which is strongly linked to a long and very popular tradition, especially in the bars which is always a mascot, omnipresent.


Intense golden yellow in color, to the nose it reveals brine and vegetal notes, thyme and chives, fused with sweet spicy cinnamon and star anise, along with citrus and honey puffs. The palate entry is sweet and soft, pleasant in the alcoholic note, present but integrated, in a rich progression of herbaceous and citrus returns that close on a dry and spicy sweet finish.





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