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Gift Boxes And New Product Data Sheet

Gift boxes and new product data sheet

Every item sold on our website has its informative data sheet. By clicking on each item, you can view the product data sheet with the title of the product at the top of the page and a brief description that provides information on the characteristics and qualities of the selected product as well as feedbacks of those who reviewed it.

In the second half of the page you can view the technical data of the product and get the professional advice of our sommelier while on the third part of the page you can read other user’s reviews or post a comment after logging in or registering on the site.

In the informative data sheet, the selected item will appear by default with the desired amount, which is the equivalent to one unit without packaging (bottle without packaging). If the user requires more units, the amount can be modified by selecting the options below. Furthermore, the selected products can be purchased and stored inside the original wooden boxes with the Bernabei label by clicking on the ‘Wooden Box’ option for 1, 2 or 3 bottles.

The Wooden Box offer is only valid for larged sizes bottles in50cl, 66cl, 75cl, and 100cl formats.

We sell elegant wooden boxes to accommodate your chosen products so why not take advantage of our professional gift wrapping service!

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