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Checkout With Multiple Addresses

Checkout with multiple addresses

The new feature of the shopping cart can now be applied to multiple purchases and allows you to ship items on your order to different addresses. Once all desired items have been selected, you can choose whether to proceed with the classic Checkout or to use the ‘Checkout with multiple addresses’ option in the cart summary section. The second option can only be available after logging in or registering on the site.

In the My Bernabei section, you may change your account information, manage or add multiple addresses, and you will be able to control whether they are shipping or billing addresses. The address list will appear in the multiple Checkout section and you will be able to change the shipping and billing information for each product. This way, you can send your purchased items to the address you have chosen and ask for the invoice to be addressed to a different one thanks to the following options: ‘Use as my default billing address’ and ‘Use as my default shipping address.’

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Before you proceed to checkout to complete your order, you can use our free service to write a small message or greeting card that will be delivered with the gift box.

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