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Sambuca Extra Molinari 70cl

Sambuca Extra Molinari 70cl
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Special Price £15.69

Regular Price: £19.62

Free delivery on orders over £150.00
For orders under the value of £150 the shipping cost is £15.00

There is just one Sambuca


Like the well known slogan of an advertisement of the Sixties said: Sambuca is just Molinari!  Since 1945 in Italy it had a lot of success! It was just after the Second World War and in Civitavecchia Angelo Molinari began to produce and distribute, all over the world, this sweet and very aromatic Sambuca Extra Molinari liquor. With very ancient origins that date back to the certosina herbal tradition the Sambuca takes its name from the plant from the extract of elderberry flower (fiore di sambuco in Italian). The main ingredient is the essential oil produced from the distillation of star anise, a particular spice (whose seeds are collected in a star-shaped pods) which gives that unique and distinctive aroma.

White crystalline with intense aromas of anise and fresh elder flowers, licorice and herbs, supported by the alcohol note. Soft, sweet and fresh, with good body and a long finish.

Alone, straight or with ice, to correct coffee or added to the preparation of homemade cakes, Molinari Sambuca is inimitable.





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