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Vodka Grey Goose 70cl

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Vodka Grey Goose 70cl
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Special Price £33.30

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From France with fervor

Considered one of the most important and appreciated vodka brands in the world, Grey Goose despite the English name, was born in 1997 in France more precisely in Cognac.This town is associated with the homonymous ancient wine, by the inspiration of Francois Thibault a great Maître de Chai (cellar master) who decided to create vodka using all his distiller qualities and ability. His intent produced a great result. In less than two decades the Grey Goose vodka has become synonymous with elegance and refinement. The spirit with an unique taste that satisfies the most demanding palates, and animates the most exclusive parties around the world!

Colorless and pure it has fresh, floral and spicy nose and characterized by light citrus hints. The taste offers a delicate and silky sensation of sweetness and a long and satisfying closure.

Straight or as an ingredient to be mixed with the most famous cocktails.


ProducerGrey Goose
Vodka TypeLiscia



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Review by J.V.
The flagship of the French vodka scene, Grey Goose is more than a match for the best Russian vodkas in its price group
"French vodka? Are you serious?" Those are the kind of questions I had prior to first tasting the Grey Goose vodka - but not anymore. This review will explain why I now hold Grey Goose in equal value to some of the best Russian vodkas in its price group.

Bottle: The bottle screams premium with its frosted glass and iconic imagery of geese. Thin and elegant, flying the French colors, the bottle is something that wouldn't seem out of place at an art gallery opening.

Appearance: The vodka is crystal clear as the result of filtering, showing no sediment. Everything is as you would expect in a premium vodka.

Taste: The taste is very smooth, even refined for a vodka. The filtering isn't excessive, as the vodka retains some edge to it, but not as much as to make it unpleasant to drink. I feel like the Russian Standard Imperia would be a good comparison, although the Grey Goose strikes a better balance between being neutral and having character, whereas the Imperia ends being too neutral in my opinion as a result of its heavy-handed filtering.

Final Thoughts: I would recommend this vodka to anyone who likes their premium vodkas raw (or raw with a glass of some beverage served on the side) - because Grey Goose definitely wasn't made for mixing drinks, and in my opinion it doesn't fare well in such use. Otherwise it's everything you would want from a good vodka.
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29 October 2015
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