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Vini Premiati Espresso

The "Vini d’Italia" (Italian Wines) guide by l'Espresso, at each edition, represents a precise, detailed and customary photograph of what is the current wine-growing activity of our country. Easy to read, this guide is the result of a careful and systematic selection, carried out on about 25,000 samples, at the end of which the wines of excellence are determined, ie all those samples that reach scores higher than 91/100. The prize winners of L'Espresso are subdivided into three categories: wines to be drunk immediately (enjoyable immediately but also later), wines to be bought (those that stand out for their value for money) and wines to be conserved (labels of great complexity that require refinement over time to best express all their nuances). And exactly some of these wines that have been able to boast of these important recognitions, are here for you, staggering wines that are greater than the price of the bottle!