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Mumm: only the best!

When having to choose the colour of the ribbon to celebrate the birth of the new Champagne, Georges Hermann Mumm had no doubts: neither pink nor blue. Only one colour could embellish the neck of the bottles, the colour that pays tribute to the Grand Cordon of the Legion of Honour used to decorate highest-ranking officials: red. The silk ribbon represents the Maison’s motto and seals the exquisitely refined style of every bottle. Isn’t this what “only the best” truly means?

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Tradition and Innovation

Tradition and innovation spell out Rupicapra: a fabulous winery in a lush region that extends from the slopes of the Majella mountain to the Adriatic Sea. Organic wines are the trademark of this winery that uses sustainable vine-growing and wine-making techniques to produce a line of wines that can tell the story of their land of origin in a clean and transparent way. What is there to think about?

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‘Tis the season for Champagne!

Every day that passes is one less day that separates us from the long-awaited Holidays and the moment we will bid farewell to this “lovely” 2020. Company dinner parties and pleasant evenings with friends or family are not on the menu! Yet we won't need much: as long as nobody ever forgets Champagne, a guarantee for all toasts with its alluring and sparkly bubbles that make every sip one for the ages. We are about to offer you the best Champagne maisons at once-in-a-lifetime prices. Satisfaction is guaranteed, endless supply NOT so much! Last call for Champagne!

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Umani Ronchi: the taste of simplicity

One of the most well-established wineries in the Marche, Umani Ronchi’s estate boasts 200 hectares, 110 of which dedicated to the production of Verdicchio Classico, the region’s undisputed prince. But their range is not limited to white wines, it also includes Rosso Conero and Montepulciano, effortlessly special premium wines at super competitive prices!

Barolo and Barbera: della Marmora, Prunotto, Batasiolo and many more at up to 19% OFF

Langhe: one way ticket!

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Langhe hills have been a land of noble vineyards and excellent wines since time immemorial. The epitome of high quality and variety. The cold and continental microclimate, the natural shelter provided by the Alps, and the specific geology of this territory are what allows the vines in this area to produce exquisitely fine, structured, and elegant wines. Behind a glass of Barolo or Barbera there is a whole world of people and experiences that emerge through tastings: from powerful wines with good aging potential to ready-to-drink wines that pair perfectly with everyday meals. These are not just wines, they are actual visiting cards of one of the finest and most charming wine-producing regions in the world!

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