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St. Michael Eppan: the roll of honor of south Tyrolean Wine

Offering knowledge, tradition and passion, St. Michael Eppan winery is blessed with outstanding grapes, which are processed in the cellars with meticulous attention to detail and a great deal of skill. Wine is in. Wine is a lifestyle, and wine is all about enjoyment.

Umani Ronchi: did someone say HOLIDAYS?

Destination? Adriatic Coast, from the Serra dei Conti to Roseto degli Abruzzi, where the heart of the classic Verdicchio pulsates and the 210 hectares of Umani Ronchi vines extend.


When the wine relays emotions

Discover a land, the Veneto region, in a sip of bubbles and encounter excellence and style in just one bottle. The oenologists who create Maschio dei Cavalieri products have always worked with passion to enhance to the utmost the autochthonous vines lying east of the Veneto region.

Gewürztraminer £15.00 | and other SUPER DISCOUNTS!

We’re better off with less, it it’s good

Ancient Abbazia di Novacella, one of northern Italy’s most progressive wineries, is an Augustinian abbey, whose impeccable gardens are only surpassed in majesty by the pristine rock walls terracing the vineyards. And the wines seem to reflect this fact: from a sensory standpoint, nothing feels out of place.

A wine for each desire that represent an innovative and forward thinking Sicily

Donnafugata wants to offer wines distinguished by pleasantness and complexity, that are capable of captivating and making happy those who taste them. Wines that represent the excellence of Made in Italy, the dialogue between art, wine and sustainability.

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