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Astoria, Mionetto, Zonin, Santi

Big Sale: Up to 25% off on loads of Prosecco

The history of Prosecco has archaic origins, already in ancient Rome Pliny the Elder spoke of the 'sparkling' wine, drunk at the dining tables of consuls and senators, who believed it was a long-life elixir; other correspondence archives show the presence of this wine in our region as early as in 1400! Not very demanding and with an almost infinite drinkability, Prosecco is a wine for all occasions and numbers prove it: every year about 150 million bottles are produced!

Up to 20% OFF on Ruffino’s prestigious labels

Ruffino: Immerse yourself in the Chiantishire

Ruffino’s is a never-ending story which, since 1877, has made the history and fame of Chianti. A symbol and a giant of Made in Italy, this company is a timeless icon in the Tuscan scene, with a tasting range that commands respect; these wines have an intense nose and smell of terroir, with hints of cherry, herbs and spices that will conquer you with fresh and tasty sips. Take a look at this selection: a true feather in the cap that will tickle even the most discerning palates

Challenge between award-winning bubbles

Ferghettina VS Marchesine

When you choose to beat the path of minerality and elegance it is automatic to go to Franciacorta! Historical territory for the production of the true Italian Classic Method, this small patch of land over the years has been the protagonist of a continuous qualitative growth thanks to companies that have been able to grasp every imperceptible nuance. The Marchesine and Ferghettina are two pillars of this designation, thanks to their bottles of rare beauty, hypnotic products, which have been able to raise even more the bar of the best Italian sparkling wines!

North VS South: warm up the glasses!

Nino Negri | Donnafugata

On the one hand side the magical territory of the Valtellina, with its fogs to act as a stage to one of the most famous wine-making scenarios in Italy (the Belpaese, i.e. the beautiful country as Italians call it) on the other Sicily, land of sun, sea and wind, in-between, what is the symbol of the “Made in Italy” mark: wine (the good one!). Nino Negri and Donnafugata, two legends of world oenology, to represent the most precise nuances of the territory of origin: whether you are a Nebbiolo or Chardonnay fan, you cannot miss this journey that will thrill you from the first sip!

A selection to be on the safe side

The Red Champions to cut a dash

Do you want to be sure to come off without a hitch choosing a bottle? You have to bring a bottle of wine for dinner or gift but you have no idea how to choose? Here the red champions that will make you cut a dash, more than wines these are real oenological institutions of our country! With this selection, you will be on the safe side!

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