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NEW! Villa Russiz!

Villa Russiz:
the never-ending... love story!

Another great addition to the Bernabei family for elegance, finesse and drinking pleasure: these are the qualities of any wine produced by Villa Russiz, created by Count Thedor de La Tour back in 1868. The winery stands on the hills north of Gorizia, in the outstanding wine-growing region of Collio, historically known for its excellent viticulture practices. This terroir, with its specificities, is what conveys to Villa Russiz wines their unique, unmistakable and mostly appreciated style. What could be better than discovering multi-award winning wines?

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Tuscan Reds: the symbol of Italy around the globe!

Tuscany will spoil for choice any wine enthusiast willing to go on a fine wine tasting journey! If you are one of them, be tempted by a glass of Brunello di Montalcino, an excellent Chianti or even a Morellino di Scansano, the best expressions of the king variety of this terroir: Sangiovese. Here you have it in all its nuances, with wines that are the epitome of this region and that know how to transform it with grace and elegance...Whether with a cold cuts and cheese plater, with first courses seasoned with flavor-rich sauces, or with a mixed grill, these wines are just perfect on the table! You decide what’s your bottle of choice, we take care of the Super Discount! Just hurry up, the offer is about to expire…Ready?

Mionetto: the name
of Italian Spumante wine

Founded in 1887, Mionetto includes more than 80 local winegrowers and is the best expression of brand in the wine world; in over a century, the Mionetto brand has been the voice of a territory, Conegliano-Valdobbiadene, where Prosecco is tantamount to life, narrating its specificity to the world!

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W as in... Wine!

On all your special occasions, there’s something that just can’t be missing: Wine! Red, white or rosé, it’s part of the great Italian tradition. Today, we will accompany you on a wine tour across the genuine flavours of the wines produced in the regions of Italy: Antinori, Jermann, Mazzei, Zenato… bottles that can surprise you with unique, at times contrasting, flavours.

Pinot Noir, Blanc and Gris: noble descendants of the same family

The term would seem to derive from the French Pin, pine tree, and its diminutive form Pineau, so called for its characteristic very thick bunches of grapes. Blanc, Gris and Noir, each Pinot present distinctive features with a common denominator: their exquisite tastefulness! A variety that loves cold climate and altitude, Pinot is very delicate when it comes to ripening but, in optimal conditions, it produces an elegant, austere and, most importantly, incredibly long-lived wine! If you are a fan of the Pinot family, this is your moment!

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