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Bernabei: Wine Online & Spirits since 1933

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Autumn turns red

Red wines to warm you

A selection of the most important Italian appellations, true oenological treasures to wave summer goodbye! The thought of autumn being around the corner terrifies you? We have just the thing for you! Forget about going back to your daily routine... have a nice glass instead!

A great classic today in promotion

Taittinger: Unique Champagnes

The philosophy behind the composition of Taittinger champagnes is to keep only the best, to remain true to oneself, and to find that unique taste which provides pleasure for just an occasion, or for a whole lifetime. Take your time to taste the magic of quality, cheers to your Taittinger moment!

Martòn, Masseria Spaccafico and Rupicapra...Your guarantee for the weekend

Bernabei Exclusives: we have a dream!

The best wines recommended by your Sommelier are on sale today! Labels of rare quality and affordable for everyone. We present our Bernabei Exclusives a guarantee of quality that few will ever advise you... Martòn, Masseria Spaccafico and Rupicapra. Explore them all!

The Queen of Veneto on sale

Astoria: the History of Bubbles

September: last month of summer and first month of autumn. In front of a pseudo-melancholy how do we set? With the quality of Astoria and the important value of never getting tired: the elegant labels with great personality are covered with a graphic design studied in detail and sparkling prices!

Extra-Discounts on ALL BUBBLES!

The best bubbles to toast!

Celebrating rhymes with uncorking and, without a doubt, bubbles are always the right choice. The competition between sparkling wine and champagne is always strong; there are those who prefer the Italian product, some others French. What matters, however, it's that the important events are celebrated with quality bubbles. For an unconventional toast that impress!

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