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Scout all the Wineries at incredible prices

Amarone: you're everything and more

More than 70 years of history for the world’s most popular wine: Amarone. Good, elegant, expressive, which is something the world desperately need today. For months we have been waiting for the right weather to launch a super promotion on this unique wine... that day has finally come! Let’s get serious. Do you really want a life of regrets?

Our labels from £8.90... Antinori, La Morandina, Florio and many more!

Dessert Wines: dulcis in fundo…

If chosen carefully, the wine to finish a hearty meal can be full of surprises: for substantial meals no stone should be left unturned, details truly make the difference! Do not fall into clichés by popping open a bottle of Brut just because the universal rule is that sweet food pairs with sweet wine! I know you do not want to finish off with a bitter aftertaste!

Poggio Degli Uberti, Antinori, Ruffino… the complete selection up to 20% OFF

Chianti: star nominee

Chianti, a DOCG (controlled and guaranteed denomination of origin) since 1984, is the highest expression of Sangiovese in Tuscany. It takes its name from the Chianti region, where vestiges of the winemaking tradition date back to the ancient Romans and Etruscans. The entire region, and not only that, has fallen smitten with its bright ruby hues. Indeed, as early as in the 1600s it was greatly appreciated in Great Britain where it was featured in several works: in Sherlock Holmes’ The Sign of the Four Miss Morstan is offered a glass of Chianti, and a bottle of Chianti towers on the table in a scene from the movie Hannibal. Besides, how can you not love it? Especially considering it is used in vinotherapy for its relaxing properties?

Discover all the award-winning labels from £8.70

Award-winning Wines: first in, best drink

We want to roll out the welcome mat for November, dressing the table with the elegance it deserves with one of these marvellous bottles... although we are honestly more interested in what’s inside! And apparently, we are not the only ones. These wines received the awards and praises of the most influential critics in Italy and around the globe. Today's extraordinary discounts are the perfect excuse to try some of those universally-appreciated labels, don’t you think?

The queen of bubbles at a discount price and free tasting... what are you waiting for?

Astoria is historic

Our sixth sense is telling us you really fancy some good yet inexpensive bubbles. Have you ever heard of Astoria? Synonym of quality and never cloying (indeed, it always entices a second tasting!), today this marvel from Veneto presents the best that the Bel Paese has to offer at an extra discount: beautiful and delicate bottles to delight your palates from starter to dessert. Do you really want to miss this?!

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