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A selection to be on the safe side

The Red Champions to cut a dash

Do you want to be sure to come off without a hitch choosing a bottle? You have to bring a bottle of wine for dinner or gift but you have no idea how to choose? Here the red champions that will make you cut a dash, more than wines these are real oenological institutions of our country! With this selection, you will be on the safe side!

A manifest to get back to tasting the territory

Triple A: Excellence among small producers

The great wines, the exciting wines, are the result of an agricultural work by now almost disappeared and of a winemaking as less interventionist as possible. The vineyard grown as a vegetable garden. The Manifest of the Triple A producers indicates the basic selection criteria that these last survivors have in common, winegrowers who produce wines which deserve being called legends as they have always been in the history of man. Triple A wines are produced respecting the vine and its natural cycles without using synthetic chemicals, instead preferring only indigenous yeasts and excluding selected yeasts. No chemical parametre is corrected, as there is no clarification and filtering before bottling. These are just some of the virtues of the Triple A selection; we invite you to discover its qualities in the glass!

Bottles everyone agrees on!

-22%: Piedmont & Tuscany, the Big Italian Reds

Piedmont and Tuscany are the two Italian regions that,being prodigies of red wine production thanks to their bottles, can sit at the same table with the biggest French reds; from Langhe to Montalcino, take a look at our selection and let yourself be bewitched by the infinite nuances of these great territories!

Fattoria dei Barbi:
Technology and tradition

Fattoria dei Barbi: Up to -15% off!

The Barbi Estate, now owned by Stefano Cinelli Colombini, has gone through centuries of history: it has been present in Montalcino since 1352, has owned vineyards since 1970 and has beenproducing Brunello since 1882! Their labels were among the first to be exported to Europe, America and Asia, through a project that, even today, aims at witnessing the long family tradition, through modern but typical, appetizing and classic wines but, above all, giving an excellent value for money ... a certainty for fans of the great Tuscan reds!

Veneto & Friuli: The North we like!

Save 22% on white wines from Veneto and Friuli

Northern Italy, indeed, is a territory of great white wines and these two regions are aware of this! Among native grapes and international vines, the rows are intertwined giving life to bottles that have made the history of Italian enology for typicality and territoriality; It's true, we are in the middle of autumn but a good glass of white wine is always good for us!

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