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Aperitivo Aperol 1Litro

Aperitivo Aperol 1Litro
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Special Price £15.01

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For orders under the value of £150 the shipping cost is £15.00

A great icebreaker

Aperol is considered since 1919 the most beloved low alcohol aperitif. Pleasant and refreshing, with its unmistakable lively orange color and the characteristic sweet-sour taste, obtained using a secret recipe by the Barbieri brothers never varied over time. Infusion realized only using fine raw materials like sweet and bitter oranges, herbs and roots in perfect harmony with each other and an alcohol content of 11 degrees is the strong point of this drink. It has always reflected happy hours ,with the beloved Spritz, becoming a real popular ritual among young people and not only. Undoubtedly the most popular drink leading everywhere joy and happiness.

Intense orange color. To the nose it expresses citrus sensations of orange, light scent of herbs and roots and subtle vanilla puffs, alternating sensations of orange blossom. The taste is velvety and smooth, full-bodied and round, with mandarin citrus and sweet spices, star anise and cloves returns, for a nice typical bitter aftertaste of herbs.





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